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Dr. F. Thomas Miller, V.M.D.
     Owner/Lead Veterinarian

Dr. Miller has been in small animal and exotic animal practice for over 30 years. He was raised and has lived in the Pocono Mountains all of his life. His family were one of the founding families of what we know today as the Pocono Mountains.

His life long dream was to become a Veterinarian. As a result of his determination he graduated from Albright College and was the first student accepted from this school into the veterinary program at Univeristy of Penn in Philadelphia. He graduated at the top of his class; which explains his great dedication to veterinary medicine.
 With his many years of service, he is very astute in diagnosing your pet.
Dr. Miller has also owned, tigers, lions, bears, cougars and many other exotic animals. His knowledge of exotic animals enabled him to work with noted animal experts: Jim Fowler (Mutual of Omaha's Wild Animal Kingdom), Jack Hanna, Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) and Jack Lowris (Pocono Snake and Animal Farm). He also participated in national television animal segments on shows such as: Today Show, Conan, Maury Povich, Regis Philbin and more.
Dr. Miller has extensive experience with orthopedic surgery, with a particular interest in treating/repairing knee-related issues WITHOUT using hardware. His 30+ years of experience have allowed him to refine his technique, allowing for faster recoveries and a lower instance of post-operative infection. Dr. Miller is an accomplished surgeon and will address any type of surgery. Dr. Miller’s knowledge and case studies of various complex surgeries allows him to competently address your pets needs were most other veterinarians would refer such type surgery out to a specialists. He will always keep your pets welfare first and foremost during its treatment regular visits, etc.

 (Join us in May to welcome our new associate veterinarian.  T.B.A)



Dr. Miller and staff

Dr. Thomas Miller, V.M.D.
     (Owner/"Top Dog")


    (Assoc. Vet. - T.B.A.)


Chrissy, Amy, Kari, Lexiie, Dee, Eileen & Jill


New faces coming soon to our extended family/staff!